Thursday, August 9, 2012

Baby armoir

Years ago I found a pine armoir that I fell in love with.  Little did I know in my single, childless days that I would enjoy using it for our little girls clothes, blankets, shoes, and more later on!
I used it in Caroline's nursery, but didn't for Olive because there wasn't room in our little New Hampshire or Virginia apartments.  
I am excited to use it again in Jane's nursery and the first thing is up, the clothing dividers.  I have 3-12 month dividers that keep the dresses and bubble suits organized.  This keeps the favorite little pieces on display for you each time you open the doors to the armoir so you can enjoy them longer than they fit!  (Jane is already in size 1 diapers and almost out of newborn clothes at weeks.)

I have a set of wooden stamps that I got at PB kids on clearance years ago and that is what I used to stamp the numbers on the paper circles.  
The final outcome is something like this just for an  idea of what you can do! (We are not quite that organized yet, pics to come)
I was absolutely giddy to get out the teeny tiny clothes again.
I am so so grateful for baby Jane and her sisters.