Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Is it swim lessons yet?

"Is it swim lessons yet?"  This is what we heard every five minutes as we drove down to St. George last week.  Olive is obsessed and it's so fun to see her light up when we do anything at the pool.
While we were waiting for Jane to arrive, we found some swim lessons that fit into our schedule perfectly.  It was also a bonus because a dear friend of mine had her little girl at the same neighborhood pool so we had time to catch up!  Jane came with 2 lessons left and so my incredible mom took the girls for the last two days.

Our girls are little fish and have no fear when it comes to the water.  Having no fear is a bittersweet thing because water and children scare me to death, it can be a fatal combo.  It is also the best combo when they are watched like hawks.  I loved watching them do their ice cream scoop arms and dolphin kicks.  Olive has taken a liking to cannonballs as well after she saw Caroline do one.
She stands at the edge of the pool and yells in her excited toddler voice, "CANNONBALL!"  and then proceeds to jump into the pool.  

Here she is looking like an Olympic swimmer: composed, focused, and intense....and I must say that her toddler belly is a pretty cute one!

Ready, set,


These two little sunshines made my day each morning when I got to watch them splash around completely giddy.  They cheered each other on and were so proud of each other too.  In St. George we played "Polympics" as Olive said.  Caroline was Missy Franklin and Olive was Rebecca Soni and they gave Michael Phelps (Adam as assigned by Caroline) a run for his money.

Every morning at 7 a.m., Olive would come up and say "I want to go to swim lessons."  Then she would put on goggles and wait until 10.  
Simply to die for!


The Winegar's said...

I love little O's toddler belly too. They DO love the water!!

Erin the Mom said...

This post was absolute sunshine in my day! Thank you for sharing your girls' DARLING cuteness!