Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Blessed with Time

It's not often that people think that they have a lot of time.  Everything is usually packed into a super busy day with too much to do.  Places to go, errands to run, budgeting, meal planning, cleaning....it's always a lovely and long list :)

My life right now has been completely opposite of that.  I have wondered for a long time why I have been given all of this time and what I am supposed to be doing with it.  Since we are not preparing for a new baby, I  feel like it is such an easy and fun time with our little 4 and almost 2 year old.  They are so delightful and easy to go places with and I don't even take a stroller anymore, we are just free to roam and have fun!  

For Caroline a lot of her time has been filled with Preschool time, dance classes, and soccer.  She takes dance so seriously and concentrates so hard.  We knew she would like it A LOT, but this is beyond love.  She never stops dancing and Olive is following suit (although she can't quite get her arms to reach high enough over her head.)

Drawing is another passion that has recently blossomed.  She sits down and creates pictures for hours, and then explains what they all are for about a half hour.  It makes us so happy that she is passionate about reading and that she wants to read US the bedtime stories.

Olive has been using her time to play Caroline's client at the salon.  She has been receiving countless colorful makeovers that may have you wishing you could be a client of Caroline's.  She does have a way with color and accenting facial features.
This could be YOU!  (Caroline swears that very thick eyebrow shadow is very nice.)
Olive is intense with love and with sadness.  She adores singing and loves "Row, row, row your boat."  
"I do it!" is her coined phrase right now and she wears panties over her diaper to be like Caroline.
Most of her time is spent picking out shoes to wear (even if they don't fit), and then changing her shoes.
She will growl at you when she says sorry, which gets us laughing loudly!  Cutting out bears with Play-Doh keeps her endlessly occupied and she often says, "I funny mommy."
She will melt your heart.

My time has been filled with all that these two have to offer!  They were sick last week and we didn't leave the house for a couple of days...it was dreamy.  We couldn't go to school, or playgroup, or even to the store, we just played (in our jammies). It was just nice to not have an agenda at all!!  

I have also been working quarter time (5-7 hours a week) doing a couple of nursing jobs.  One is training people how to give themselves shots of a medication and it has been so great to dabble in nursing again.  
The other job was a rare find and I will be sad to leave it when we leave.  After two years of just gathering dust, I finally have been able to use my NP license  and work with a therapist/personal trainer in D.C.  She works with people who suffer with body image issues, eating disorders, anxiety, etc.  The thing I love about her practice is she combines working through issues with actually working out during the talking, right there in the office!  
Her book has been so educational for me regarding the area of exercise.  Everyone knows exercise is incredible for your body and brain, but reading exactly how has just inspired me in how I will live and also teach.

Adam has been dedicated and hard working at school,  at his internship, and at home.  He works without complaint although I know he is exhausted.
I know Heavenly Father knew we needed this precious time to not only have with our own little family, but also to be available for dear loved ones.  Skyping filled with laughs and lots of tears has occupied a lot of time.   
We now know that the tender weaving of different events happens for a reason and are known by our loving Heavenly Father.  
Adam's mom is very sick and we get to go be with her in Utah very soon.  We don't worry about how it would have worked for Adam to go alone to Utah and have me almost ready to have a baby in December.  
We don't have to fret because He has known all along and has blessed us with this time.  
I am truly humbled by all of it.  


The Winegar's said...

That pic of Olive is hilarious!!! I'm sure we will have many
makeovers when you are here. Caroline is just the little Sugar Plum Fairy. I can just see her dancing. Love them and you.

ClancyPants said...

This is a precious post full of perfect pictures and poignant thoughts. I loved reading it.

You are a light in this world, Andrea.

I'm praying for Adam's mom.


Nate and Di said...

You are so amazing, Andrea. If I could have 1/4 of your positive attitude, I would be lucky!
We are certainly thinking of you and the entire Beckstrom family. We feel so blessed to have had Gae in our lives, and learned from her example. Please know we are sending our love and prayers to you all.

LoJo said...

Thinking of your family. I love you all so much. I hope my future family can be so much like yours! Praying for you during this time. Let me know if there is anything I can do.