Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween in Wonderland

We are in a candy coma after enjoying the weekends festivities.  This year topped all Halloweens for us, with two little ones bursting with excitement over the costumes, treats and pumpkins.  

Every year in Old Town Alexandria the boutiques have tricks and treats to enjoy.  The crowd was low this year as it was snowing while we were out.  The warm and fragrant apple cider and cookies warmed us up though, when we stopped into the Sugar Cube candy store. 

Caroline picked a theme again (back in June) for our family this year.  She was dying to be Alice in Wonderland and wanted little Olive to be her White Rabbit.  I was to be a "nice" Queen of Hearts, and Adam was a "nice" Mad Hatter.  

Many people wondered why the flamingo?  If you recall, those silly birds were the key to the croquet game between Alice and the Queen.
Alice was lucky to hang out with her dear friend Dorothy the night of Halloween.  They VERY energetically shouted trick or treat all evening, and they were just as thrilled to greet trick or treaters at the door later to pass out the candy.  
Don't kids make holidays even more magical than you could ever imagine?

This little ladybug and white rabbit worked hard for their candy.  People continued to say "take a handful" and these two little ones tried to grasp their chubby little fingers around as many pieces of candy as they could.  After grabbing candy, Olive would say, "Thank You!  Your Welcome!  Trick or Treat!"  then she would say "hop, hop, hop" as she would hop along to the next door.  She never left a pumpkin feeling lonely either as she would stop and pat it on the top and say, "Hi pwumpkwin!"  

Hopefully I can lay off of the Kit Kats and other gummy goodies so the girls won't wonder where all of their candy went.  Surprisingly they haven't cared that their treat bags are empty, they are now using them to store their jewelry :)
Let the holiday season begin!


The Winegar's said...

Thanks for the costume pictures. I'm glad that I got to see them even if it was a picture. I can see why you won the best dressed family prize.

Lauren Stuart and Madeline Jane said...

Andrea! You guys are too cute to dress up! I love your cute costume idea. Let's just say, Stu and I are SO boring when it comes to dressing up, HA!

Erin the Mom said...

I LOVE that you included detail about Olive patting the "pwumpkwins" and saying "hop hop hop" as she went. Just makes me smile and long to give her and all of you a big squeeze!

Corinne said...

Adorable. I can't wait to see Olive's hopping in person, not just over the phone. :)

Love you!

Jill T said...

I'm so glad the pumpkins didn't feel left out! Those little girlies were just so cute trick or treating. Thanks for hanging out with us!

Sarah Z said...

You always have such fun ideas! i can't even get todd to put on a costume, let alone be themed with the rest of the fam! But I absolutely love it! You guys really are the cutest family I know...