Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Things that make me happy

I was completely overwhelmed at how breathtaking the cherry blossoms were.  Canopies of tiny white blossoms filled the sky when you looked up.
I was so glad that my friend Miranda was so willing to take pictures of our girls surrounded by the sheets of white!
I am also really glad that we didn't have to pay a sitting fee because it went from very pleasant with them walking and holding hands.....

to an absolutely freezing 3 year old that was filling the air with loud wails of "I'm COLD!"
I feel bad that I kept trying to bribe her for just one. more. picture., but I did give up...finally :)
It was very, very cold.

This little warm body was not phased by the freezing, crisp air. She toddled around in her poofy pink
dress doing her best sweet and silly faces.  

After a warm snuggle in the stroller, she was back in business!  I think that being on my shoulders, with her dress over my face..... 
made her think that pictures were pretty fun.
Later when we were looking at the pictures she saw the ones with her holding a blanket.  She said "I want to see my pretty pink dress!  Why is it covered?"
I laughed and thought, maybe next year we will see it :)


The Cannons said...

I will never forget those frigid cherry blossoms days.They tease and entice you to come outside but only keep your eye

The Winegar's said...

That little Olive is quite the ham. It just shows on her face. I'm with Caroline....I would be complaining about the cold too. Kind of like taking your bridals. I remember someone quite cold too. Haha

Jake and Em said...

Those turned out so cute!!!! Absolutely adorable!!!

Jamilyn said...

Cute pictures! I'm sure you'll all look back someday and laugh. Olive is such a beauty!