Monday, November 8, 2010

Treading on foreign soil

The past week we have had the pleasure of having Grandma and Grandpa Beckstrom in town!  Adam's mom had just two days before had surgery for recurring breast cancer so we were so glad that she was ok and that they could still come!  It was a week packed full of loving the girls, seeing the sights, and of course Halloween!

We found out that you could go Trick-or-Treating on Embassy Row and visit other countries which sounded appealing.  So one afternoon we went and toured the world.  
We had to visit the Irish Embassy where the whole tradition of the holiday began.  I could have listened to her accent all day long.
We stopped by Romania, Chile, the Ivory Coast in Africa, Korea, Finland, and Madagascar to name a few.  The insides of the Embassies were lavishly decorated and I would have been fine to pull up a high back leather chair and   just take in the architecture.
The Embassy of Brazil wasn't quite ready for people in costume, but as we were walking away, a very kind man from there stopped in the street and got out to give Caroline her goodies.  
(I forgot to bring Adam's pants and booties therefore he is new age Peter Pan)
More of our numerous adventures with Grandma and Grandpa B to come!


The Hilton Family~ said...

Oh how i love that you are all trick or treating in your costumes! That is seriously the sweetest thing ever! I just saw your comment about you think you are going to have a minute to craft? If so that would make me oh so happy!! When do you come into town?

Mary said...

I think that is the neatest thing to be able to trick or treat at the embassies and wonderful for Caroline to be exposed to all the different countries. You all looked so great in your costumes.

Corinne said...

Are you kidding me? How fun! That is the best idea ever. We may have to come next Halloween!

Lauren Stuart and Madeline Jane said...

What a fun place to trick-or-treat! I lived in D.C when I was around Carolines age and my dad worked in the white house for the senate so we got to do trick-or-treating, easter hunts and more fun stuff at the white house! I love these fun adventures you and your girls get to go on! Oh, and your costumes are darling!!!

Here And Happy! said...

This is such a wonderful memory. Caroline was her very Tinkiest and Olive was Nanalicious! Your costumes got a lot of attention, especially from the Asians who seemed tickled to death to see your cute family. Great times.

Tammy Faye said...

What a fun way to trick or treat. Glad you had Chile on your list. I will have to tell Evelyn. Your family is having some great adventures that will be treasures forever!!!