Tuesday, November 16, 2010


While Adam's parents were here we had to hit some of the local farms!  One of the farms we went to was Cox Farm, which I had heard lots about from good friends that used to live here.  
It did not disappoint.  The only very sad thing was that Caroline stayed in the stroller the entire time.  She had mentioned once that she didn't feel well and then there she sat.  That's when I  knew she really did not feel well at all.  That is not her style at such a fun place!  

She enjoyed the conrnundrum corn maze where there was tons to see such as a 20 foot giraffe, pirates, fun house mirrors (that actually got a smile out of her!), a tunnel of bugs, and other random silly things.

The hayride was quite eventful with aliens coming out of the corn, Starwars music playing at one point, and getting stuck in the mud.  Our driver kept things very exciting.

And this little 11-month old love was just so content.  (She is also content climbing up on Caroline's craft table, climbing the stairs to platforms at the park, and sticking her hand in the toilet if she gets the disgusting chance.)

Oxon Hill Farm was another one we went to.  It kind of made me want to be a farmer.  It was so refreshing to walk around the open surroundings among the red barns and sheds.  
We walked down the path to find this beauty at the end of it.  All shades of leaves are popping out all over out here and it has been a long and beautiful fall.
Caroline got to milk Virginia, the cow, and she was way into it.  We also enjoyed a movie about how cheese is made.  When they talked about curds and whey Caroline was thrilled because she knew little Miss Muffet eats that.  
We had such a nice time with Grandma and Grandpa B!  I had a week where I felt so energized and kept wondering what was different.  It wasn't hard to realize that I had two extra sets of hands that were always busy loving the girls, reading to Caroline, carrying the: camera, diaper bag, kids, food, loading dishes, cleaning up toys, unloading dishes, buckling the girls in the car, keeping up with the loads and loads of Caroline energy.     It was glorious!!  I feel lucky to have such incredible in-laws that I can hang out with all week, regardless of if Adam is at school or not.
Thanks for visiting, we love you guys!!


Corinne said...

So sad that Caroline didn't feel well! What fun places to visit...I wish I could fly back for every season.

I just want to squish Olive's cheeks. So so cute!

Mary said...

Yes, it is sad that Caroline wasn't feeling well but there is an excuse to visit again when she is feeling better. I know....the fall is so beautiful back East. You just don't get that here in Utah.

I love little Olive's teeth. You can really see them now. The girls are both just darling!!!

Lauren Stuart and Madeline Jane said...

I can't believe how big Olive is getting! Adorable kiddos!

Here And Happy! said...

The visit was entirely our pleasure! We would run around after Caroline and Olive all you want, if it were possible. Wasn't it the most beautiful fall week ever?! We think the same of you--what lucky parents-in-law WE are to have a daughter-in-law who treats us like friends and more! We love you Andrea! (We'll keep you too, Adam).