Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A perfect festive day!

Caroline's cousins adore her! Here they are all dancing and wanting a turn with Caroline. They are so cute with her.

Today I only had to work until noon, and then I drove home in the beautiful snow. Then Caroline and I headed up to my parents home and met up with her cousins to go sledding with Uncle Clark, Grandma, and Aunt Corinne. It was the cutest thing to see Caroline all bundled up and LOVING the snow! She loved eating it, walking in it, and wanted to go down the hill without a sled. When I took her down the hill it was quite an event! I was trying to hold her on the sled, protect her face from getting snow blown, and try to keep us going slow. Everyone was laughing so hard, Corinne has a great pic of it that I'll post.

Anyway, after, we went back to a cozy fire and beautifully lit Christmas tree and we listened to Christmas music, made some gifts, and our favorite...decorated cookies for Santa. (I hope Adam likes them!)
After that festive fun, we had to run an errand and so Caroline and I went to Gateway. I was nervous about finding a parking spot and having to walk far in the cold with Caroline. We got there and found a free metered parking spot right by the store we needed to go to! Also, Santa was right outside our car so Caroline finally got to meet him. She was scared, which for some reason I was surprised by because she is a social butterfly. I just loved that she saw him and said, "Santa!" We'll try a picture next year.
Anyway, I could go on even more about how wonderful Caroline was in the store, I just melted at her dancing around.
It was a perfect day, except that Daddy wasn't there...we missed you fiercely hubby!
Oh yes...and to top it off, my favorite Christmas movie was on when I got home...White Christmas!
What a way to ring in Christmas Eve tomorrow!


Erica Huff said...

Sounds like a magical day! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Could you send me your address? We have a christmas card we would love to send you. ericahuff@msn.com Thanks!

Anonymous said...

That was a magical day!! Could the kids have been any happier? That's what Christmas is all about. Oh, and the view when we were sledding - gorgeous!!


The Hilton Family~ said...

What a fun fun day!! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Caroline looks adorable all bundled up!