Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Festival or Felony?

To say the least, we haven’t had good luck with cars lately. Let me start with last week. I went to run a quick errand at Fashion Place Mall and I was waiting to park. As I sat there waiting, a car began pulling out pretty quickly right in front of me. I tried honking, but they continued to pull out and bashed into my passenger side. That crunching sound is never a good one. I got out to assess the damage, and the entire side of the front bumper was bashed in. The girl wanted to settle it outside of her insurance company, so we did that and got the money to fix it.
Well, today I was at work and things were quite slow. My nephew Andrew S. called and asked if I could go to the Festival of Trees with them. I was so excited! I decided to take an early lunch and meet them there. I called Adam and he was going to bring Caroline as well. My mom was also coming who just arrived home this morning from the cruise. So, as I was about to leave, Adam called me and told me that EVERY window in our BMW had been shot out. Oh, well they left one of those tiny ones by the back window, how gracious of them. I was sick about it. Yes, that car is very old, but it has been running like a champ. We planned on driving it ‘till it’s death…well I think it just died. The cost to fix everything would be more than the car is worth. At least our other car keeps on tickin'!


Gardner's said...

Dude...that sucks!! so sorry about the cars!! I love the top picture of "sweet Caroline". I miss you guys but am always entertained by your fun blog! We need to chat soon and catch up...I'll call you!

Clancy In Idaho said...

Could there be anything crappier than someone shooting out all your windows? Probably there is, but that really sucks rocks. I'm sorry!

And... could your little one BE any cuter!? I don't think so. That pic is so cute I just want to squeeze her! :)

The Hilton Family~ said...

Oh Andrea i am so sorry to hear about your bad luck with the cars. That is the worst feeling in the world! I always love looking at your darling blog, and the pic of Caroline is just darling! Lets get together next week for sure!

Jamie said...

That is so crappy about your car. Don't let it ruin your holiday season. How are you guys, we miss you?
Caroline is freakin' CUTE!!!
Happy Holidays, the Fitchs

Sarah said...

Oh dear Andrea, I am so sorry to hear about your car troubles. Who does that?!? I hope the rest of your month goes splendidly, you deserve it!!

Emily Snow said...

man, seeing that picture of caroline makes me realize how long it has been since i have seen you and she was just rolling around the floor. she is darling. so sorry about your car. seriously, that sucks so bad. anyway, i keep thinking we need to get together. i just need to act on this. after the holidays..k?