Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday's Fabulous Five

One of my dear friends from childhood has a really entertaining blog. One of the things she does is Friday's Fabulous Five, so I thought I would start doing it on ours!
1- We got to dress up in our costumes last night and go to Corinne's Halloween party. We ate delicious treats like "kitty litter" (pics to come soon)!
2- My sweet hubby booked our tickets to Colorado Springs for Nov...whoo hoo a getaway!
3- I got off work early a couple of times this week so Caroline and I were able to go to Cinderella park and play on the pumpkin carriage and swings.
4- I am anticipating another Halloween party tomorrow and going to Frightmares also with Adam, my brother Clark, and one of my best friends!
5- Right now the trees that canopy over the driveway at work are yellow and gorgeous. Some of the leaves always fall down as I drive in....breathtaking really.


Clancy in Idaho said...

COOL!!! I'm glad you like my Friday posts enough to do it on yours too! :) (and I'm also happy to hear you find my blog entertaining!)

Colorado Springs sounds fun! Lucky you. Fabulousness abounds!

Dustin and Mac were standing here when I was reading your post and I said (to Mac), "Look, this is Beef's sister." Dustin leaned over, saw your picture and said, "Wow. She's really pretty." Always fun to hear things like that so I thought I'd share! :)

Adam B said...

I love you honey!!! It makes me happy to hear all of the simple things that bring joy into your life. I am lucky to have you!

corinne said...

Where in the world is Cinderella park? It sounds awesome! I love your new idea! BTW, right now, Liam is sticking wipes down my back and asking if they are cold. It's awesome.