Monday, May 7, 2012

Sails away to Utah!

We have made one last move for a while and we are now working to get settled back again in Utah.
It has been bittersweet leaving a place that we have fallen in love with.  Yet, to see our little ones faces light up when we get to go see grandparents or cousins in Utah has been tender.
I was sad to leave such dear friends, friends that have taken such incredible care of us during hard times and who have celebrated the exciting times as well.

Before we left, two of these amazing friends threw a farewell to us, as well as a welcome to our baby girl who is coming in July.  It was a nautical theme baby shower which was absolutely perfect for my stripes and anchors obsession.  Every detail was fitting.  I would have posted a picture of the darling invitation, but I don't want to spoil something it may be used for later.

I died over the rope center pieces, the handmade boat card and that the truly divine soft pretzels were in the shape of a sailors knot (which you can learn to make here.)

There were a variety of delicious dips like cookies and cream, brown mustard, queso poblano, and sweet cream.  I really couldn't get enough, I am a sucker for soft pretzels.
Everyone shared a little of their crafty talents and we made bows for our new little baby girl.  It was the perfect gift and activity for the shower.  You'd think we had countless bows with having two girls already, but although we have had a lot, there have been a lot lost!  I loved how they turned out and how there is such a variety of color too.
IMG 2049 682x1024 A Simple Shower with Sailors Knot Soft Pretzels

Here are the two beautiful hostesses that put this beautiful shower on.  I felt so lucky to be able to celebrate this little one coming!  Only 8 more weeks!  I used to think that having a shower for someone having a baby of the same sex was unnecessary, but after helping throw this shower, my friends helped me realize it 's something to make a big deal about!  Anticipating a new baby coming for 9 months is thrilling to think about and be excited about alone, but so much more fun to celebrate with friends!
Thank you so much, we miss you already!


nate&amanda said...

I totally understand your bitter sweet feelings about moving to Utah. Virginia rocks!

nate&amanda said...

P.S. We're crazy excited that you're back!

Sarah Z said...

How fun for you! I am so glad you're back though...Let's get together soon once things settle down (for both of us:) but before #3 comes, k?

Lori Passey said...

Welcome back to Salt Lake! I can't believe Adam is done with school! It went by really fast (for me, anyway). It sounds as if things are going well for you and your family. Congrats on the new little one you will be welcoming soon!


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Nate and Di said...

Congrats to Adam!!! We are heading your way next month, and cannot wait to see you guys. I hope the move went well, and you are feeling ok?

Holly and Eric said...

We miss you guys already! Hope your move went well and you're settling into your new house.

Danae Curtis said...

So glad you guys are settled in Utah! We sure miss you! Camryn keeps asking when Caroline is coming to play! =(