Monday, April 9, 2012

Life in the slow lane

How do you slow life waaay down and make it seem like the days have a lot more time?
I have your answer: get rid of your car.
We are not crazy, we did not choose to be carless for 5 weeks, it has just worked out that way (but we only have 3 weeks left!)
Our car had problems and we thought it would make it through until we moved to Utah, then we were going to sell it for cheap.  Well, we were close, but it died right here in our parking lot.  Now we have been so grateful to our dear friends that have let us borrow their cars to grocery shop, get to many doctor appointments, make it to church, etc.  We would be sinking without you all!
We are still functioning, but at a much slower pace and in a significantly more awkward way.
It takes me back to highschool when I would ask to borrow a car, yea, pretty sweet to be back in that phase again, right?
The girls and I are not stir crazy yet and we have had so much fun walking to every park that is close by.  Often we don't even make it to the park because they are so excited about every dandelion that is growing along our way.  They pick each and every one and end up with darling yellow tinted noses from smelling them all.  
This has all been an interesting answer to prayer.  I was feeling like I was only focusing on us and what we needed to be doing, what things we needed to see, get done, etc.  Well, turns out there is lots to be done just within out little apartment complex and by being "stuck", we have had our eyes opened and are more aware.
I wanted to change, but didn't know how to notice the challenges other people were having.
It has been a blessing and a challenge, one challenge that I am glad will be ending shortly.

So what have we been up to with all of this new found time?
We were able to go to Caroline's preschool ice cream social.  She was raving about it for weeks and she and her classmate Liam had convinced each other that the kids were going to get 5 scoops of ice cream!
They would go on and on about it in the most adorable way.
Here are Caroline's vivacious teachers that make her just glow.
Daisy and BoBo the clowns were there and they called Caroline on stage.  The kids could not get enough of their silliness and parents couldn't get enough of watching their kids explode with laughter.

We are still growing a healthy, active little peanut.  My friend, Miranda, did an incredible project with these shirts she designed and it has been fun to mark off the weeks as they pass by!
Here is our sweet little baby at 25 weeks and 28 weeks.
We are now entering the 3rd trimester (see how the color of the numbers changes) which makes me giddy.
Overall I am feeling really good.  I am tired A LOT which scares me a bit because in the second trimester you have the most energy!
I don't really feel like cooking, which has been sad, but Adam is so fabulous in the kitchen.
We all enjoy feeling her push and prod at my stomach, and Caroline loves to guess what she is using to push..."I think that was her toes..."
We are so grateful that our family can be blessed with another little one.

Easter weekend was absolutely perfect.  We enjoyed a family home evening lesson by Caroline, who used  our eggs filled with symbolic things and scriptures to tell the story of the resurrection.  Olive even enjoyed it and sat for almost all 12 eggs.

The girls spent lots of time imitating these silly faces, they loved the cracked ones expressions the most.

I just can't wait until there are three of these little dears.

And a holiday, well any day really, wouldn't be complete without an animated reaction from sweet Caroline.  I know the picture is a little blurry, but it was truly the most adorable expression!  She had just opened her ballerina music box the the Easter bunny brought.  She then proceeded to prance around the room, twirling again and again, just like the miniature dancer.
Easter dinner was one that will definitely be repeated.  We ate with our dear friends and it was nice because with no car, we only had to walk two steps on the landing of our building to their door :)
Our neighbor from downstairs also joined which was fun.  
We had lamb kebab meat which was divine, pitas, a Greek salad, and garlic roasted potatoes.  
The adults all devoured several helpings of the main meal.  Olive did not, but she did lick the table clean after the most incredible brownie dessert!


The Winegar's said...

Miranda is so creative. Cute shirt and idea on a darling woman!!
The girls look darling and can't wait until you are here. We should have a shirt to mark that down. Heehee.

Sarah Z said...

I can't even imagine not having a car (how sad is that?!) !! It would for sure challenge you to complete things around home. I am in love with that pregnancy shirt! What a great idea! Does your friend sell those?

Lauren Stuart and Madeline Jane said...

Andrea! I LOVE Caroline's face when she opened up her jewelry box! Priceless!

The Mechams said...

Well I am behind on the times, but congrats on the upcomeing bitty one, how adorable the three will be. Also such cute posts about the girls they are dolls, and lastly you're moving to Utah? When if we can do anything to help let me know! give me a call any time 801-529-3496. Again love the posts!

The Cannons said...

You are the cutest pregnant lady ever!! I love how animated your little Caroline is. I want to prance around the room with her:-)

Halley said...

I love Easter. What a great way to celebrate. Caroline's expression when she opened her box is priceless. :-)