Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Virginia Beach

The other day I was asking Adam to list things that he was really passionate about.  Adam is really easy going and likes just about anything, but I wanted to know those things that make him super excited about living.
As I was naming different things off, I didn't see his face light up or his eyes sparkle.  When I said fishing though, it was money.  I got just the expression that I thought I would.

I myself am not a fisher-woman.  I think I would rather be doing nothing than fishing, that is more relaxing to me.  Fishing with Adam does make it a bit more enjoyable, but I still can only handle small doses.  Now, fishing in Virginia Beach off of a dock?  That I could do all day, day after day.   Cozy chairs to sit on, beautiful waterfront homes to gaze at, and boats zooming and lazily sailing by.  

I felt very passionate about the entire weekend!  Fishing on the dock and watching my giddy husband and little Caroline reel in the fish.  Boating, sleeping in a cozy little cottage, biking, and running along the sandy shores of the water with our giggly girls....I am lit up by all of that.

I think Adam has found two new thrilled fishing buddies.  Caroline caught about 5 fish and both girls used tiny 3-foot poles in shades of pink and green.  I had never seen such a tiny little pole.

Several types of fish were caught including a couple of Sheepshead (they have crazy teeth!), Sea Trout, and Spotfish.  Caroline was the first to reel in a fish (her first fish ever!) and I think she has the love her dad has for baiting a hook.

The Chief Mate and Second Mate luckily found some time to sit back and relax and enjoy the ride as the boat sped along.  Caroline kept shouting as loud as her little voice could, "BEST. DAY. EVER.!!" A special thanks to the Lambournes for making the weekend such a huge success.

By the look on that daddy's face I'd say that he is pretty passionate about being with his girls.  The way he teaches them and plays with them is incredible to watch.  They are two very lucky little ladies.

We left Virginia Beach refreshed and rejuvenated for tackling more late night classes for Adam, late nights without daddy for the girls and me, getting ready for family pictures, and all of the many other activities of real life.
I think I might be a converted Virginia Beach fisher-woman now!


The Winegar's said...

I'm with you on the fishing but I can see myself sitting on the dock with a good book or knitting and totally enjoying the day. I LOVE the girls expression on the boat ride!! Priceless.

cuzimmom said...

Will Adam finally bate his own pole? Sarah used to have to do it because he didn't like touching the worms...

Kate said...

such sweet pictures. the girls look so happy on the boat!! that's how i felt too :) so glad you got a vacation and nice weather!

Halley said...

So fun! What a great family weekend! I have done the exact same thing with Jared... the only thing that made him make "that face" was BYU football... figures.
So I let him have cable every Fall starting this year so he can watch his games, when football season is over, we cancel it. :-)
Oh well, I love my adorable, BYU sports loving hubby. :-)

Jill T said...

cute cute cute. I thought I was looking at a J. Crew magazine for a second there with all of those stripes! I'm so glad you had a good time at VA beach!

Evelyn said...

WAIT!!! How on earth do you know the Lambournes??? (You do know I'm from VB, right?) I LOVE the Lambournes! They are awesome.