Saturday, October 8, 2011

Last weekend was a perfect closing to summer.  Friday evening was warm and breezy, which blew in a crisp fall air on Saturday, perfect to cozy up for to watch General Conference.  Although it warmed up a bit towards the end of the week, it feels like fall is officially here in all it's beauty.  
There is something about being close to or on the water in the summer though.  It is completely mesmerizing, romantic and calming.  The National Harbor is a perfect place to take in the water and be swept away by the mix of colors that the sunset brings.
You can also snuggle up close to your honey, and take in a movie and the stars all at the same time.  The screen sits right near the water.  
Dreamy, right?
To enjoy the brisk fall air, we spent Saturday at Hartland Orchard picking crisp apples and strolling through the pumpkin patch with friends.  We stayed warm searching for the perfect apples to fill our bags.  The thought of fresh homemade apple pie helped keep us warm too.

Caroline stayed warm because she was working hard picking all of our apples.  Olive stayed warm because we continued to add any layers we could find from the car.

The day was memorable, the pie was a perfect mix of tart and sweet, and talks from General Conference once again ignited a spark to try to be better.
Happy Fall!!


Mary said...

I love fall, for all of those reasons. That picture of Olive with her little nose running just kills me.

The Winegar's said...

I LOVE all the fall pictures. It looks like such fun picking the apples and that pictures of just the apples - you can just taste them looking at the picture. The girls on the old truck w/pumpkins -classic.

Kate said...

these are such great pictures!

Corinne said...

looks fantastic! i love the top pic of all of card worthy. love you!

Ashley C. said...

love it!!perfect fall pictures!!