Monday, June 23, 2008

The Wasatch Back Ragnar Relay

Last weekend was so much fun! Adam, Erika, Clark, and I did the 180 mile Ragnar Relay from Logan to Park City. We were on a team of 12 people and we all ran three different legs of the race of varying lengths and difficulty. We started Friday afternoon and finished Saturday evening. You run through the night and throw your sleeping bag anywhere you can to try to catch a couple hours of sleep. It was such a beautiful race covering six lakes, streams, ski resorts, and canyons. Although we can barely walk today...we can't wait to do it next year!


Lori & Mark said...

Wasn't that so much fun??!! It was a pretty crazy time for our team. But, yeah, I'll probably want to do it next year, too!

Haley said...

impressive- I guess Lori was on the team too.