Monday, June 23, 2008

Happy Happy Birthday to my Hubby!

Yesterday was wonderful Adam's 26th birthday! It was a relaxing day with a barbeque at my parents house which was so nice. I love you babe!...and I want to list 26 of the million reasons that I love him...
1. He is the nicest person I have ever met...not just to me but to everyone.
2. He absolutely adores being a dad and is so precious with little Caroline.
3. He loves the gospel.
4. He is so kind to his family.
5. I love when he gets Caroline dressed and he is excited about how cute she looks and asks if it's ok.
6. He loves to dance with me!
7. He will cuddle with me even if he is boiling hot and I am in sweats.
8. He opens the car door for me still.
9. He loves to go running with me even though I am slow.
10. He can pick up and run 16 miles up and down steep hills like it's nothing!
11. His smile
12. How he takes such good care of Caroline and me.
13. His amazing mind.
14. His voice and how he'll sing to me when I ask.
15. His cooking....delicious bbq and egg sandwiches.
16. I love the thoughtful things he does for me, like write cute cards.
17. I love that he bought me DDR...Dance Dance Revolution!
18. I love how he listens and listens and listens to me when I just need to vent.
19. The way he makes me feel after I much better!
20. I love that he's sporty and loves the outdoors!
21. I love traveling with him and that he's laid back.
22. I love that he suppported me finishing my Masters.
23. I love that he is patient.
24. I love that he is so wise along financial lines.
25. I love that he was so excited about Caroline's first birthday and helped plan a perfect day!
26. I love that he chose me...and boy am I the lucky one!


Adam B said...

Thanks was a great day! I can't think of anything better than spending my B-day with my family.

The Hilton Family~ said...

Happy Birthday Adam! Andrea, that is the cutest list ever. I loved it!

Jamilyn said...

Andrea, I'm so glad that you love him and that you are part of our family! I love you guys as a couple, and as a little family. BIG HUGS about baby on the way!!!!

Gae's Updates said...

Aw..come on Andrea! YOU know who the REAL lucky one is...and I'm so glad our fam gets to ride in Adams wake, enjoying his "beautiful girls"! We are in GP HEAVEN excited for #2! **

Haley said...

Happy birthday Adam. I think my husband is pretty great, but I will have to show him the list so he can improve. hee hee