Saturday, March 17, 2012

March of the Leprechauns

Last night there was a lot of mischief going on at our house.  There were four little children tucked in bed (because we were watching 2 of our friends kids) not making a peep, so they weren't the ones up to trouble.
We had leprechauns visit and they made a mess in the kitchen trying to cook.

They used both of our bathrooms and forgot to flush so the water was still green.
Luckily we set a trap that worked and we caught some!
 Since they were caught they turned into cookies and had no choice but to give up their gold!
(We used E.L.Fudge cookies and took care to leave out the ones with "elf" written on the back for the kids who can read.)
The kids were delighted to wake up and screamed when they saw the little footprints all over the house.  They looked for leprechauns for the rest of the day.  We taught them a song to help lure them to the house again.
March of the Leprechauns
"The leprechauns are marching, their marching down the hall,
their marching on the ceiling, their marching on the wall.
Their marching two by two, and now it's four by four,
What's that you can not see them?  Lookout! Here come some more!"

They sang the song so many times, and hid a little bowl of treats in different places.  We had to have one more leprechaun visit later in the day.  That song is a special one because Adam learned it at his mom's preschool, Early Bird Preschool taught by Miss Gae.  It was fun to tell Caroline that Grandma B knew all there was to know about leprechauns.

For breakfast we enjoyed a fruit rainbow similar to what we enjoyed last year.
The little ones also enjoyed some milk made by the leprechauns and some Lucky Charms.

They loved eating their fruit with decorative toothpicks, they figured that the little sneaky green guys made those too.  
Don't kids make holidays the best!?  Thanks to the Taylors for joining the fun.


The Winegar's said...

It looks like fun. Oh to be a child again to delight in all the festivities.

Shandie said...

How fun! You put a lot of work into that, and it looks awesome!

Holly and Eric said...

Oh my gosh, you're the best mom ever! So much fun! I'm going to have to do this next year, what great ideas.

Erin the Mom said...

How totally cute! I love the footprints. Andrew set up leprechaun traps all over his room (unbeknownst to mom), but all the little green guys managed to do this year was cook us up some Irish toast (French toast in a green disguise) and turn all the milk green!

Sarah Z said...

What a fun St. Patrick's Day! My kids were disappointed hearing from their cousins that the leprechans came to their house & not ours so we did a quick green toilet water & flipped everything upside down in their rooms. I guess the excuse that they are still too little can't be used anymore...

Jill T said...

darling darling. I always love to read about how you celebrate your holidays. You have the cutest ideas!