Thursday, December 2, 2010

I woke up Thanksgiving morning and there was definitely a different feeling in the air.  Our home was filled with a quiet, yet thrilling holiday excitement.  Today was the day we were going to visit some incredible dear friends.  We were going to decorate later for Christmas while carols played in the background.  We got to feast on so many divine delicacies.  We were able to smell those delicacies cooking all day and the candied yams made our home smell like a sweet shop.  Adam got to play football (and there were no injuries!).   Caroline was beside herself with glee because she thought the Indians really were coming to our feast later.  Oh how we L.O.V.E. her!!
We were able to go to Jill and Behrad's for dinner.  Let me just say, mouth watering perfection!  The turkey (pic coming soon) was brined by Jill and was moist and so tender.  She had some cranberry sauce from Williams-Sonoma that will be finding it's way to our Thanksgiving table from now on.  

 I have been lucky to have known Jill since highschool.  Here we are years later celebrating the holidays together with two little girls each!  Caroline and Izabella had only met once right before Jill moved out here to D.C. and we left for New Hampshire.  The girls were young and were just focused on the swings then.  Well, they sure hit it off this night and it made the evening so enjoyable!  They tried on about 20 dresses and twirled and ice skated on the wood floors to their hearts content.  Olive and Pearl enjoyed watching the live entertainment and were just being their usual sweet selves.  


Mary said...

I'm glad that you had a fabulous time with Jill and family. And it's so nice that they are so close. You made everything sound so delicious and I want to do Thanksgiving all over again. Oh, there's Christmas coming up and so we can partake of good food then.

Corinne said...

So much fun and that little one of Jill's is her TWIN!

So sorry the Indians couldn't come Caroline, they were most likely riding their horses or making beautiful beaded jewelry.

Love you all!

Dan and Jen said...

How fun that you guys were able to celebrate together! Sounds like a delightful holiday. You all look fabulous!

Jill T said...

We loved having you! I feel so bad about my pictures because my ones of the turkey and some ones I took of the girls got deleted when Behrad was transferring some files to our hard drive!

Sarah Z said...

Your sweet birthday post for Olive puts mine for Todd & Tucker to shame! I should be writing down all the things Tucker loves and says, but life is busier than ever! i can't believe she is already one...Happy Birthday cute girl!