Friday, July 3, 2009

From Yellowstone to Concord

The past week was crazy and yet so much fun! We took a trip with my family to Yellowstone. It was so great being together and Caroline couldn't get enough of her cousins! We came home from that trip, unpacked, went to the laundromat (washer and dryer being repaired), and packed for New Hampshire (to find a place to live!)to leave at 6am the next day.
Here are some of the highlight pics from Yellowstone, we saw so many animals!

Two cute little tots!
If you look close to the left of the moose is the baby
Fishing on Yellowstone Lake

Roasting dogs and making s'mores in our rustic cabins on Adam's Birthday!!

This cracks me up because Caroline would lay down and say, "Sleep" and then make snoring noises. The ladies behind me look very concerned that something troubling is going on. Nope, just my child taking a rest right in the middle of traffic.


Anonymous said...

Sorry about not commenting. I'm not playing favorites. Guess I had a brain cramp. I logged on a few min. ago and then now. More pictures popped up. That was a fun trip and Caroline was such a trouper. That was one of THE best trips we all have been on together. I'm going to miss not having you guys around so I can see you, Caroline and the new "peanut". Boo Hoo, I'm crying now. Maybe that's why I haven't written on your blog - then I think too much of you guys not being around close.

Anonymous said...

I have to comment again. I have the cutest grandchildren!! I'm not just being prejudiced - they are the best. Just look at that picture of all 5 of them on the bed in their pjs. Just think in Dec. there will be 6 cutest grandchildren. Yea!!!!!!!

corinne said...

I absolutely love the tantrum pic with you just staring at her...

I loved being with you guys and spending so much time with Caroline. It was a super fun trip and we will have to continue these even after you guys move...maybe we could meet at Niagra or go to Maine???

Love you,

Ann Marie said...

I forgot how fun Yellow Stone is. And I also love the picture with Caroline lying down on the pathway, she is so cute!

The Hilton Family~ said...

What a fun trip! Caroline cracks me up! She has the cutest personality. I loved all the pics. Now you need to post about New Hampshire:)

Dan and Jen said...

Looks like a fun trip. I love Yellowstone. The grandkid picture is darling. They look like they all love each other so much. I hope you find a nice place in New Hampshire. How have you been feeling?

nate said...

We had so much fun spending time with you guys, and we can hardly wait to have you back here with us!! Hurry back!

Emily Snow said...! i haven't been to yellowstone forever. what a great trip. and it souns like you are headed to Franklin peirce to law school for sure? it is so beautiful back there! did you find where you want to live? if you want taylor or his wife's email address for some help...let me know, they will be more than willing. how exciting. i will miss you