Saturday, February 28, 2009

Friday's Fabulous Five!

It has been a little while since I have posted anything, but Adam is gone for the week out of town and so I thought that if he could read something posted from Caroline and I, it would help him feel not so far away!
1- Adam is one day closer to being home! He is out in D.C. staying with our wonderful friends, thanks Gardner's!, for a week and attending a patent bar review course. He will be working so hard, in training classes all day. I really am so proud of Adam, and miss him fiercely.
2- It was Gigi's, my grandmother's, birthday this week! She turned 84 years old and is the most unforgettable, amazing person. She is classy, funny, smart, and spontaneous. Once she took my siblings and I on a picnic in Wyoming just on a whim. She will beat anyone in Trivial Pursuit. She did a headstand not too long ago just to prove she could still do one. She knows a song for every word that exists. She's an artist. She has overcome so many physical ailments and blessed us with her presence everyday. We LOVE you Gigi!!
3- Gigi opened my taste buds to her favorite restaurant in Ogden Canyon. We went for lunch with my mom, Aunt Joan, cousins Melissa and Hope, and my brother Matt. Rainbow Gardens...ring a bell to anyone? If not, I highly recommend it, the food was divine, the dessert...even better. It was also so fun to be with extended family to catch up.
4- I don't work on Tuesdays anymore! I can't explain the excitement I feel, the freedom. Caroline get ready to party! That day off will be so cherished.
5- Valentine's was romantic, and a mini vacation! We went out of town to downtown! Thanks Gae for watching Caroline. I don't know what it is also, but reservations are so romantic to me, and Adam made them at Spencer's steakhouse...mmmm. I guess it's just the thought that goes into that. And flowers delivered to work?! Another big plus for memorable.


Brandon and Brittany said...

I love Rainbow Gardens! I have only been there once but it sure was tasty!! How are you??

Adam B said...

Thanks for the post love. It did make me so happy to read your fabulous five. Thanks for thinking of me.

The Hilton Family~ said...

Yay!! I am excited for the new post(I don't have any room to talk, i haven't updated in a while either!) I am so happy that you have Tuesdays off!! We need to for sure get together on those days. In fact, Jack and i are going to Discovery next Tues. You want to come? Happy B-day to your darling Grandma, she sounds so amazing:)
P.S. count me in for the trunk show on the 9th! I am so excited:)

Dan and Jen said...

Cute post. Happy Birthday to Gigi! I can't remember the last time I saw her but she was always so cute and nice. And I'm impressed that she can do a handstand-I don't even think I could do one. So sweet of Adam to send you flowers at work. Your snowshoeing pictures are way cute too. I've never been snowshoeing before but want to try it out. And I also LOVE that picture of caroline up top in her rain gear. That rain coat and those boots are darling! Where did you get them?

The Beckstroms said...

Jen- I got those before Caroline was even born, I couldn't resist. I just got them at the Old Navy in Park City, it may even be an outlet.

Jenn & Cardy said...

What a romantic Valentine's day! Spencer's is one of my favorite restaurants ever! Glad to see you're doing great!