Monday, July 28, 2008

Hooray for vacation!

So the only thing that Andrea seems to love more than "feeling like we are out of town" is actually being out of town. We have been very lucky over the past couple of weeks to be out of town almost as much as we have been in town. With all of the holidays and celebration including several birthdays the whole month of July has felt like one extended vacation. I am sure that Andrea will write more details about all of our adventures with pictures of the highlights, but I just wanted to say how much I love having a wife that schedules fun into our lives. As she can attest, getting me to agree to a trip or even make plans for Friday night can be worse than pulling teeth. I always end up thoroughly enjoying myself and remembering our trips as some of my favorite memories.


Gae's Updates said...

Yes, Adam, you are very lucky to have Andrea--we ALL are! Never forget it, especially when you're on vacation!

Holly said...

Hi Andrea!! I found your blog through Connie's. Your girl is so cute. They grow up way too fast. I added your blog to mine so I'll keep checking back if that's okay. I'm glad you're doing so well.