Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Halloween was the best! Corinne had a party and we all got dressed up. Adam and I were farmers with our little sweet pea. We also had Elvis (liam), lots of witches, a pirate, skeleton, and mummy, a U fan and Red Sox fan, etc. etc. We also ate a variety of Halloween treats: bat poop, kitty litter surprise, fat, old scabs, putrid punch, mummies toes and blood clots. It was hilarious, and surprisingly delicious!


The Cannons said...

Hi's me!!! Jess gave me your link. Cute blog. I got Caroline's announcement from her too. Thanks for thinking of us. She's displayed beautifully on our fridge. We need to get together for Christmas. I'll call you when I get to Utah. Here's our blog, if you are interested:

The Huffs said...

Caroline has gotten so big! She is beautiful - just like her mom. It is fun to stay up on your wonderful life. Hope school and work is going okay. You guys are almost finished right? Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hey Andrea...guess who! I saw Amanda today at work and she said you guys had a great time visiting Sarah! Sorry I couldn't go. We talked about going to lunch sometime with everyone! That would be great to catch up. Melin